DePradha SPA

Balinese Healing Massage - 60 minutes Balinese Massage is a healing therapy combining awareness of body and spirit by balancing cakra. Acupressure, muscle manipulation and warm sweeping technique are used. Natural oils and aromatic flowers, assists the healing process.

Balinese Massage - 60 Minutes We gently bathe and scrub your feet using Sea Salt crystals and selected essential oils. folowing with Balinese massage using the ancient, pressure-point massage technique to stimulate muscle.

Balinese Massage - 90 minutes After foot cleansing and crubing your foot using Sea Salt, A firm massage treatment uses long strokes, skin rolling, kneading and reflexology techniques to stimulate blood circulation and soothe aching muscle relaxation.

Aroma Therapy 60 or 90 minutes This gentle massage technique with selection of aromatic has the ability to clear the mind and soothe the body. Focused on creating a sense of overall relaxation, a choice of aromatic oils assist to calm and relax your mind.

Body Crub Treatment - 60 minutes This exfoliating treatment removes dry and rough skin. help your skin regain its smoothess and freshness, Full body treatment along with the scrub provides pleasant mental and physical relaxation.

Facial Treatment - 60 minutes This facial treatment to refresh and revitalize skin,tighten pores and help showing down the signs of premature aging.

Hot Stone - 90 minutes Massage technique using warm stone firstly with herbal oil massage and base massage with balinese style. Its will increase stimulate and metabolism.

Hand Massage - 30 minutes Enjoy through upper arm massage that extend down to fingerstips, Its effective in reducing hand, arm and shoulder fatigue by stimulating blood and lymph circulation and applying presure to the Tsubo

Foot Massage - 30 Minutes This treament reduces fatique by stretching and massaging from the toes to the knees. Massage will stimulate blood and lymph circulation, its removes swelling and give you light and refresh feet.

Reflexology - 60 Minutes Foot reflexology is natural healing through application of presure on this reflexes the feet. Its relives tention, improve circulation and help promote the natural function of related area in our body for healty life.

Rama-Shinta Package - 120 minutes Begin with ritual bathe and scrub your feet using Sea Salt crystals and selected essential oils, folowing Balinese massage with selection of aromatic to release your tention and Shita enjoy milk body mask for skin refreshness and smoothness- Milk scrubing for Rama the continue relaxing time at pool.